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What do you understand about quality? Perhaps you have countless answers to this question, but if we talk about the definition of a quality in "global" standards, you must definitely know Atlas Dış Ticaret. If you still haven't heard about us, you must certainly read the following lines. If you are particularly professionals in import and export sectors or seeking service and quality in global standards, Atlas Dış Ticaret is the right address for you.

Atlas Dış Ticaret was founded in 1995 in İstanbul Osmanbey with the purpose of realizing its experiences and knowledge which it has acquired in sector for long years. Quality and professional service are our first priority.


It has always been our target to globalize by giving importance to "rapidity" as the dynamic of quality and modern world. At first, we have entered Lebanese and Egyptian markets. Then, we have started exporting all kinds of goods and commodities to every country within the framework of official regulations and laws in force. Today, our firm is considerably recognized in the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia with its "fast" nature in harmony with today's modern, dynamic world actively in competition in its full speed.

As we have mentioned earlier, quality is indispensable for us. When we emphasize on global standards, it's not just for the sake of conversation. We have never swerved from the criteria of qualified personnel as the precondition in quality service all over the world. We carry out our activities through competent, expert team having the capacity to speak particularly English and Arabic and the other world languages.


We are trying to deserve your trust with quality and professional services we have provided. However, one of the most important differences of us is that we never shake your trust with extreme price demands. We are trying to stress that we always prioritize our customers by presenting our rapid, quality service with reasonable prices and powerful service understanding. This is our basic principle. Providing solution-oriented and perfect service is one of the most important elements of the way we act. For example, we insure all of our products in their real values during our import and export services. In case of any damage, we ourselves solve the problem immediately without causing you a lot work.

We prioritize your requests and complaints. Therefore, we are working with the most reliable air, road and sea carriers of the world in line with your requests. For example, after the goods in our warehouse are counted by an expert team, they are packed in the manner that they can resists to all weather conditions and we deliver them to the workplaces of our customers abroad. As it is known very well by our customers, although our warehouses are extremely big, we still continue providing services in a professional manner. There is a parking are in front of our warehouse. Additionally, since it has central position in the market, we are better capable of feeling the pulse of the sector.

We are not modest in this context because we create "difference". We do not hesitate to support any initiative and idea creating difference even if the owners of these ideas and initiatives are our rivals.

Let's create difference together with your choices.


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